Calls From HMP Dovegate Can Be Cheaper

Take Calls On Your Mobile

Take calls from HMP Dovegave On your mobile at a reduced rate for the prisoner.

Track Usage

You can track your usage at anytime online and we even send free SMS alerts when you are close and when your reach your allowance.

Send In Less Money

PrisonPhone helps to stretch PIN phone credit 4x further meaning you can send in less for them to spend.

Prisoner Saves BIG

Calls to mobiles without our servcie are as much as 37p per minute. We reduce this to between 4p and 9p per minute.

Choose the perfect plan

Our plans start from only £5.99 per month including VAT, saving an inmate over 75% on their calls to your mobile phone!*


Per month

  • 50 Minutes
  • Single User
  • Lowest Price
  • Save's Inmates 75% on Calls


Per month

  • 100 Minutes
  • Single User
  • Most Popular
  • Save's Inmates 75% on Calls


Per month

  • 200 Minutes
  • Upto 5 Users
  • Shared Allowance
  • Save's Inmates 75% on Calls

Frequently asked questions

Our service works by allocating a dedicated and secure local telephone number to your existing mobile phone. This means that the inmate will only ever pay the local landline rate when calling your mobile saving them around 30p per minute on their calls.

Once you fill in the sign up form (it should only take around 3 minutes) We will get your account opened within 2 working hours.

The Savings Are dependent on your usage, however our average customer saving is £36.77 per month.

Nope, All our packages are set to a standard 30 day rolling contract, This means you can cancel at anytime with just 30 days notice.

You simply login to your online portal and hit the “cancel my account” button. This will begin your 30 days notice, or if you prefer, you can call our UK based customer servcie team who can do this for you.

Have any more questions? Simply. Contact Us

Our Customers Say

I found using prison phones brilliant. It helps the people on the inside to keep in touch a lot more with family and friends. Not only that, it doesn't cost the prisoners a fortune to do so. So easy to set up. A brilliant scheme.
Discovering prison phone has been amazing. Due to working I am unable to be next to a landline to receive calls so it has been super expensive for my loved one to call me. Now it is much cheaper and we are able to spend longer talking on the phone which makes things easier for the both of us. Would recommend to anyone with a friend or family member in prison
"I think this service is amazing! It means for us both that we can talk with out the added extra costs of a mobile call As I don’t have a land line or have too be home waiting for that call! It’s easy too set up! And a great idea! Thank you "
"First of all can we thank you as a family The service you supply is magnificent At first we were like prisoners in our own Home waiting for our son to call and our lives Had come to a standstill unable to go out Waiting for that precious call .then we learned About prison phone service and our lives changed Our son was able to ring us where ever we Are even abroad on holiday .and he can have With his sisters and other family members And the savings are excellent as well All in all a great service Thank you ."