HMP Wymott

Wymott Prison

Tel: 01772 442000 – Ulnes Walton Lane, Leyland, Preston, Lancashire PR26 8LW

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HMP Wymott is situated in Leyland in Lancashire, and is a category C training prison for adult males. It also has specialist facilities for sex offenders. The establishment first opened in 1979 and now has a capacity of 1,176. Two riots, one in 1986 and another in 1993, caused such serious damage to the prison that two wings were pulled down and replaced. The prison is located next door to HMP Garth. If you’re planning on visiting HMP Wymott and would like directions, please use the map on this page.

Tel: 01772 442000

Operational capacity: 1176

Ulnes Walton Lane, Leyland, Preston, Lancashire PR26 8LW

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Here's some facts about Wymott prison

Did you know?

HMP Wymott is a category C male’s prison in Ulnes Walton (near Leyland), Lancashire. Opened in 1979, the prison has capacity to hold 1,176 male inmates.

A wing holds vulnerable and full-time employed inmates. B wing holds up to 191 vulnerable and older men. C and D wings hold mainstream inmates. E and F wing include the segregation and psychologically informed planned environment (PIPE) unit. G & H wings are induction units, and hold vulnerable and mainstream inmates respectively. I wing holds older and disabled inmates, J wing is a mixed population enhanced unit, and K wing is the drug and alcohol therapeutic community.

A report found that smoking bans could lead to riots for possibly years afterwards. An inmate from HMP Wymott is backing the Prison Officer’s Association, as prison staff and non-smoking inmates can inhale the fumes in what is known as “passive smoking”

To view the latest HMIP inspection report, click here.

Visiting hours are 14:15 – 16:00 Monday-Thursday and Saturday-Sunday.

  • In February 2017, the prison was rated good, and has improved in the years since the previous report in 2014.

    wymott latest facts 3
  • The HMIP said that HMP Wymott had a significant reoffending risk, and more needed to be done to stop inmates reoffending. (Feb 2014)

    wymott latest facts 2
  • GPs are “urgently required” to address “very significant risks” in the Wymott’s and other similar prisons’ health systems.

    wymott latest facts 1
  • Vulnerable prisoners (such as sex offenders) do work within the prison, such as cooking, printing and running the canteen shop.

    Wymott prison fact 3
  • HMP Wymott has partnered with Leyland Trucks to offer inmates the chance to prepare for future employment, learning skills such as interview techniques, creating CVs and filling out personality questionnaires.

    Wymott prison fact 2
  • Notable former inmates include Ched Evans, the international footballer, and Stuart Hall, the presenter of It’s a Knockout.

    Wymott prison fact 1


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