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Prison phone are the only telecoms provider that has the sole intention of keeping you and your loved ones in touch whilst they serve their time.
We Believe Prison phone can help reduce the number of reoffenders all over the UK.
Prison phone account holders enjoy longer and cheaper calls from their loved ones in prison, with call charges as low as 6p per minute for the prisoner and just 3.5p + VAT per minute for the account holder we provide the easiest solution for friends and families of UK prisoners to stay in touch with price plans to suit every budget.
There's no need to worry about credit or topping up mid call, we have it all covered allowing you an uninterrupted service and collecting payment via direct debit to ensure you are always connected
 . Prison phone is also fully compliant with NOMS guidelines and the prisoners communications compact and does not ever divert calls.
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To see a short video that describes what we do visit our YOUTUBE channel.

Should you be unclear about any part of the prison phone website feel free to contact one of the prison phone team.
You can also text the word PHONE to 60777 for more details sent directly to your mobile phone! 

Any form of communication from a prisoners point of view is a good thing a letter an email a visit however a phone call gives them that chance to get support from their friends and family there and then right away without having to wait for the letter to arrive or the email to be checked by prison staff.

That is why here at Prison Phone we have made it our mission to keep both you and your loved ones connected via the telephone even when you are not at home.

Did you know the cost of a mobile phone call from the prison pay phone costs on average 37.5p per minute that's £3.75 for just a ten minute call. With our service that same call will only charge the prisoner a maximum of just £1 ( 10p per minute) and would cost the friend or family member receiving the call 70p meaning the prisoners spends within the prison can last much longer and their family doesn't need to send in as much money for the prisoners pins phone credit each week.

 Its be proven in various studies that increased family contact whilst a prisoner is in custody can dramatically reduce the chance of them re-offending upon release therefore hopefully putting an end to the vicious cycle some prisoners find themselves in.

Our service providing cheaper phone calls for prisoners, supports them in a number of ways. It can change the mood of a prisoner from having a really hard emotional day to making things a bit more manageable, because for those ten minutes they can be right back at home with you laughing and joking with the children whilst they are at the park or just helping to emotionally support the wife and family they have left at home.

Prison should not be a place where the prisoner is cut off from the rest of the world just because they have made a mistake and we are doing our bit by helping them to stay in touch with family with cheaper and longer phone calls from prison. 


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