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The Prison Phone service reduces call costs from any UK prison to your mobile phone.

This means that instead of the prisoner being charged the mobile rate for a call (which can use their credit up quickly) they will only ever be charged the local landline rate (helping to stretch their phone credit further) giving you the chance to get mobile again instead of waiting in by the landline for a call.
Once you have received the calls to match your allowance we will simply charge you 7p per minute + VAT (8.4ppm inc VAT) to continue receiving the calls.
The person in prison will still only ever pay the local landline rate for the call.
  • UK Based customer care

  • Online usage tracker

  • Easy 30 days cancellation

  • Prisoner saves 75% on calls

  • Payment methods to suit

  • Running over BT network


Prison phone Ltd are the only telecoms provider

With the sole intention of keeping families and prisoners connected in the hope we can help to reduce reoffending, self harm and suicide.

We achieve this by reducing the cost of mobile calls from any UK prison, Our price plans will help to increase family contact by making calls to a mobile phone from the prison pay phone system cost on over 75% less for the prisoner.

When you have a PrisonPhone account calls to your mobile phone from prison are reduced by over 75% for the inmate helping to stretch their limited funds much further.

*Saving figures are the maximum an inmate can save if using the prison pay phonest or in cell phones at peak times


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“Local packages start from just £5.99 per month and give any UK inmate the ability to call your mobile phone for a fraction of the current cost”

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“Our family packages have been designed to keep the whole family connected , this gives the inmate the ability to call upto 5 people again at a fraction of the cost.”

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“Our global partnership agreements allow us to connect to almost all international telecoms networks meaning prisoners can save significant amounts on calls outside of the UK.”

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