Who are they?

Unlock Drama is an innovative and exciting programme, which is run by an independent drama facilitator who goes by the name of Rebecca Boden.

Rebecca is extremely experienced when it comes to both the art of drama, as well as the skill of using, and teaching, these drama skills so that they can be used to enhance a person’s life.

Rebecca not only has bundles of experience, she also studied a Masters in Applied Theatre, specialising in the Criminal Justice System.

What do they do?

Unlock Drama deliver rehabilitation projects through theatre, and work across the entire prison estate. Throughout their work they encourage awareness, and conversations around problems facing the general prison population including violence, drugs, and debt, among others.

As part of the process, prisoners will learn and develop essential skills transferrable to general life, such as communication, leadership, and teamwork.

Unlock Drama have so far delivered in over 30 prisons across the uk, and continue to make a sustainable difference to prison populations far and wide.

The aim

The mission behind Unlock Drama is to not just scratch the surface of issues, but to get in deep at the roots of any issues that participants are struggling with. The approach they take is based on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, and they encourage users of the service to re-evaluate and really think about their behaviour, actions and decisions, meaning they are able to build on their self-awareness with a positive outcome.

It has been proven that people who participate in this scheme come away with higher self confidence, improved interpersonal abilities, better communication skills, and an improved ability to show leadership, as well as the ability to work better within a team. All of these essential, transferrable, life skills open doors for participants and give them an opportunity to become a valued member of society.

How do I find out more?

You can find Unlock Drama on Twitter, on Facebook, or visit their website for lots of information about this fantastic service www.unlockdrama.com.

There are opportunities to volunteer for Unlock Drama, so if you would like hands on experience within this field of work then do get in touch with them!


I had to include a couple of their excellent testimonials. If you would like to see more then you can simply find them on their website.

“Unlock drama attended the prison earlier this year to work with a group of identified men who volunteered to give drama a go, having no previous experience.

Around twelve men were identified, and naturally after the first day, some did not remain for the duration as they were unwilling to push their personal boundaries and/or felt embarrassed.
The remainder of the group did push their own boundaries and began to gel as a group, developing an understanding of each other and working well together as a team as the week went on. The men supported each other throughout, as is prison life in general, some encountered difficulties along the way but were supported by their peers, staff and facilitators. The men came together as a group and stated they had found a new circle of friends, their understanding of how to express their diverse and eclectic experiences started to develop and their acting skills improved as the week progressed. They developed an understanding of how to express their feelings and stated that this was the best recovery treatment they had ever received as it kept them engaged, occupied and part of a bigger team.
At the conclusion of the week the remaining men performed their chosen topics to staff from the prison and other prisoners, including those who did not remain for the whole week. The men who had originally been invited and did not remain expressed their regret at not pushing their boundaries and taking part. The staff were emotional at what they had witnessed and interested to ask questions of the men and how the week had been for them. The men involved were excited and appeared really rewarded by their achievements, they spoke openly about their initial trepidation and feeling of achievement at the conclusion. For me as a Recovery Coordinator, I felt rewarded to have supported the men to attend through the week, and saw a real difference in the men that took part, it was a pleasure to be involved.”

Tanya Woodland, Recovery Practitioner & PS Lead, City Health Care Partnership CIC.

“I have sat through a number of sessions during this week and I must say I am very impressed. Rebecca Frances Bodenand Vicki Stanley have brought together 6 inmates who have never before associated with each other before and turned them into a group of guys with a thirst to achieve.

It has been a pleasure to be apart of the team!!
I would highly recommend the girls as they really do have a talent of bringing out the best in people.”

Alex M, Prison Officer, HMP Leicester.

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