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In todays blog I wanted to talk about the importance of the gym and fitness within prison!

Prisoners have access to some very well equipped gyms mostly kitted out by arguably one of the best manufactures of gym equipment in the world! Life fitness.

Getting gym time plays a huge role in a prisoners state of mind as I’m sure you know exercise release’s endorphins that will give a boost of the “happy” hormone and also gives a sense of achievement after they have completed a great workout.

That is why Prison Phone help Jail Mail (the latest prisoners newspaper to be distributed within all UK prisons) to supply a useful full centre page workout guide giving the prisoner some form of direction so they can use their precious gym time in the most effective way.

This month the article focuses on a type of training know as GVT (German Volume Training) which encourages lean muscle growth along with excellent fat burning potential due to its super high intensity! (see the full article here)

The reason Prison phone and Jail Mail feel so strongly about helping prisoners get fit is we both believe that a healthy body helps create a healthy mind.

It also gives the prisoner a chance to “escape” their cell and “escape” the current situation and for that hour or so its just them and the gym! It brings back normality which is vitally important when your liberty has been taken away.

If a prisoner is not able to get a copy of the monthly fitness guide in Jail Mail then you could download a copy of the digital edition and post it into them or better still ask Jail Mail to send a copy of the paper directly into them!

Jail Mail Logo

What if a prisoner is not able to get to the gym (all prisoners should have gym access) don’t worry take a look at this article I’ve found online, print it off and post it in!

Improvising your Training in Prison

Well that’s it, not very long but hopefully you will find the links helpful and then be able to encourage the prisoner you know to get into fitness whilst in prison!

As always take care and stay safe

x Claire x

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