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Lee Cooper. Picture: ITV News London

Lee Cooper. Picture: ITV News London

The picture above is of a Mr Lee Cooper,

Who is Lee Cooper I sense you wondering!

Well Lee Cooper is the prisoner that was granted permission from the Governor at HMP Coldingley which was a category B prison however was re-classified as a category C prison in 1993, To let him come out into the community and help the locals with the flood relief! (the prison is focused on the resettlement of prisoners and with a Governor like this I’m sure they will be doing just fine.)

Lee is currently serving a four and a half year prison sentence for mortgage fraud and was classified by the Governor as no threat to the community so was let out for the day to help Prepare and deliver food parcels and fill sandbags in Egham Surry an area badly hit by the recent weather storms.

Could Lee have started something that will be rolled out throughout the whole country?

Wouldn’t that be great if prisoners that are classified as no threat to the public can come out and help the community in emergencies!

This would be fantastic as it would give a helping hand to the fire brigade and other emergency services so they are able to help others,

Its really nice to be reading that Governors are prepared to have that little bit of faith in the inmates and give them the chance to do something worthwhile whilst also integrate them into the community, This would almost defiantly have a positive impact on the perception that all prisoners are horrible monsters and in fact would give people the chance to see just how ‘normal’ prisoners actually are, Who knows a potential employer may even get a chance to see them in action and you never know if it will open the door for ex-offenders to obtain employment from him/her!

Well just a short one today but a great one!

A link to the story is here


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