Hello and welcome to another good news blog!

Today’s blog post is all about the latest restaurant to hit Brixton, HMP Brixton to be exact!

That’s right the clinks charity have opened their third restaurant to help reduce re-offending by training and offering ex-offenders placements within the hospitability industry upon their release.

This is not the first time food has been used to help rehabilitate at HMP Brixton, you may remember two years ago Gordon Ramsey helped to start the Bad boy bakery that now supply a steady stream of scrumptious goods to a range of cafes including some selected café nero stores!

The Clinks Charity now have three restaurants currently open, one at HMP high down another at HMP Cardiff and now this 120 cover eatery at HMP Brixton.

They aim to have another 10 open within the prison system by 2017 which is great news and you could help make this happen by donating here

When booking a meal at HMP Brixton you will be asked to leave all mobile devices in lockers and undergo security clearance as the restaurant is located within the heart of the prison itself however once in you can expect a 3 course meal in what looks to be a fabulously trendy restaurant at a cost of around £20.

I can’t say I have been yet but it is certainly somewhere I will be eating in the near future, I think its a great initiative that will not only help to reduce re-offending but will also hopefully provide a connection to the local community.

Once I have been I will update you on what was on the menu, but if you have eaten at one of the clinks restaurants please comment below and let us know what you had!

So just a short one today to let you know about the new restaurant and to keep you up-to-date with the latest rehabilitation initiatives that we are made aware of!

As always please feel free to share the news on your chosen social network,

stay safe

x Claire x



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