HMP Deerbolt has been left feeling ashamed once again of their “shabby” conditions.

Not only that, but the pressure has mounted as some vulnerable inmates, such as the younger males, have feared of leaving their cells in fear of the gangs within the Prisons walls.

The Independent Monitoring Board (IMB) has said in a recent repot that HMP Deerbolt, which is based near Barnard Castle, has a good safety record which is relative to comparator prisons, but they have mentioned that there are still many prisoners who feel under threat.

The Prison is now under siege again with a 66-page report into how the Young Offenders Institution in County Durham, has raised a number of serious issues with most prisoners locked up for 23 hours a day.

Another Prison to be added to the list of 23 hour lock ups.

The horrific truths were laid bare for everyone to read, with examples of how inmates are given bin bags to wear instead of coats during exercise.

And news has revealed that HMP Deerbolt are another Prison to be holding the prisons inmates in their cells for up to 23 hours a day.

The report also also found dirty toilets, areas in urgent need of refurbishment and “bored” inmates.

However, reports have seen a reduction in fights against Prisoners and Prison Staff.

The report, published earlier this month, reads: “At the beginning of the reporting year, the numbers of fights and assaults by prisoners on other prisoners and on staff were lower than in the previous reporting period. After the Covid-19 lockdown, violence among prisoners was further reduced, probably because there were fewer opportunities for prisoners to interact, and many vulnerable prisoners said that they felt safer.

This comes after the traumatic event on January 8, 2020, where violence erupted within the Prison on C Wing just before 8pm after staff tried to discipline one offender.

The outbreak of the offender than led to a riot lasting more than four hours with specialist officers drafted into regain control of C-wing.

But three years on from their last visit to the Category C prison, inspectors “again found a mixed picture, showing a deterioration in safety outcomes and the quality of regime, but improvement in work towards resettlement.”

It was also found that the process of managing violence were in “disarray”.

After violent incidents, “some prisoners were locked up for several weeks without meaningful human contact, welfare checks or any indication as to when the restrictions would end. “

Some, it found, were locked up all day – bar 20 minutes to take a shower and make a phone call.

A Ministry of Justice spokesperson addressed the report.

They said: “Whilst we are pleased to see a reduction in violence at HMP/YOI Deerbolt, assaults against our hardworking staff are never tolerated and will be reported to the police where appropriate.

“Deerbolt is a prison which retains great potential. We encourage leaders and managers to show greater confidence in the restoration and development of the regime and make better use of the extensive space.”

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