News has emerged that a gang of four have now been charged with attempted to smuggle drugs in to HMP Doncaster. Amongst the gang is a rogue officer within the Prison itself.

The group appeared at Sheffield Crown Court accused of conspiring to supply drugs and illicit articles into a number of prisons, and associated money laundering.

Amongst them included 30-year-old prison officer Rio Moran, from Halifax, pleaded guilty to conspiring to supply Class B drugs into prison, conspiring to convey List B articles into prison and money laundering.

The others included 31-year-old James Millington, of HMP Leeds, 32-year-old Claire Anderson, from Stockport, and 30-year-old Callum Reilly, of no fixed abode from the Stockport area.

The gang were charged with the supply of Class B and C drugs into prison between 2017 and 2020, conspiring to supply Class B drugs into prison and Conspiring to convey List B articles into prison.

HMP Doncaster inmate James Millington was found to be the recipient of the items, and was also arrested.

His partner Claire Anderson was found to have assisted and was detained at her home in Stockport, Greater Manchester. Drugs and phones bound for prison were also found at her property.

The news in some ways does not come as a shock to the public, as HMP Doncaster has been in the firing line before with the high levels of drugs within the Prison.

Back in June this year, a report showed shocking levels of drugs and alcohol which had been found within the Prison.

A vast majority of former inmates released from a Doncaster prison said there was a problem with drugs and concerns have been raised around the number of gang members who are locked up inside.

John Hewitson, Serco Prison Director at HMP Doncaster, said there is a ”zero tolerance approach to people breaking the law.”

“We expect the highest standards of behaviour from everyone who works in the prison and the vast majority of our people meet those standards, but this individual fell well short of what is expected. There is no scenario where we will ever accept people bringing contraband into a secure prison establishment.”

Back in March the news was released that an advanced X-ray body scanner had been installed at the Yorkshire prison. This was to prevent drugs and other illegal items being smuggled to inmates as part of the Government’s £100 million package to boost security behind bars.

John Hewitson, Serco Prison Director at HMP Doncaster, said: “The introduction of this new technology is having a very positive impact on our ability to intercept illegal contraband.

“The scanners form part of our wider aim to transform prisons, stepping up security to cut crime and ultimately better protecting the public.”

The equipment was funded by the Government’s £2.75 billion commitment to transform the prison estate.

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