Brusthom Ziamani (25) was at HMP Whitemoor serving 19 years, after being jailed in 2015 due to being caught with a hammer, and a knife on his way to behead a solider.

Whilst inside the prison it is believed that he radicalised fellow inmate Baz Hockton (26) who was 3 years into a 12 year sentence for a stabbing and punching a man in October 2016, and was then given a concurrent 10 year sentence in April last year for wounding a prisoner with intent to cause grievous bodily harm at Swaleside Prison on the Isle of Sheppy.

The pair began to hatch a plan to attack from behind bars ‘some time ago’, and executed their plan in January this year.

CCTV of the attack clearly shows Ziamani and Hockton coaxing prison officer Neil Trundle to a store cupboard with the pretence of asking for a spoon, before pouncing on him, and stabbing him repeatedly with makeshift knives.

Two female prison officers step in to assist Mr Trundle, one gets punched in the face, before the men reveal that they are wearing fake suicide vests.

It is believed not to be an accident that this January attack was shortly after the London Bridge terror attack of November 2019, where former Whitemoor prisoner Usman Khan brutally murdered Jack Merrit (25) and Saskia Jones (23) in a terror driven attack at Fishmongers Hall.

This attack was the first terror attack within a British prison, and although the men would have been unable to access explosives and weapons, they did their upmost to plan and execute a terror attack with what they could get their hands upon in prison.

Mrs Justice May said: “It is quite plain to me that the defendants must have been planning this terrorist operation for some time, preparing fake suicide belts and multiple weapons for the purpose.

The sentencing at The Old Bailey on Wednesday and Thursday saw both men being handed life sentences after being proven as guilty of attempted murder.

Ziamani would have been eligible for parole in 2027, however he has now been ordered to serve at least 21 years of his sentence. On the verdict and during the trial, Ziamani showed no emotion, but sat with his hands clasped together.

Hockton was sentenced the following day (Thursday) and ordered to serve a minimum term of 23 years.

Mrs Justice May said she was satisfied he was “inspired by extremist beliefs” and had a “terrorist connection”.
She told him: “Your current twisted view of Islam needs to change.”
After hearing that the attack on Mr Trundle lasted 24 seconds, the judge said “The violence against him was short-lived but it was strikingly and shockingly ferocious while it continued.”
Mr Trundle said: “Before I knew it, I was on the floor on my back.”
“I did not see any weapons. I could feel blows coming down on me.”
“I did not realise how bad the damage was to myself until I went to the hospital and looked in the mirror.”
Speaking after the verdicts, he added: “I thank those colleagues of mine who risked their lives coming to my aid on that terrible day.
“If it was not for their bravery and instant response, I am convinced I would not be here today.”
Whist giving evidence, Ziamani denied that the attack was terror related, but that he wanted to inflict damage to an officer in order to be moved to another prison, due to the fact that other prisoners at Whitemoor had become hostile towards Muslims after the London Bridge attack.

Hockton, did not give evidence, he admitted wounding with intent, however he denied attempted murder.

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