Horrific Attack at HMP Woodhill; Inmates Attempt to Behead Fellow Prisoner.



HMP Woodhill inmate Taras Nykolyn, 49, died a brutal death at the hands of his fellow inmates as they tried to behead him. Woodhill is a category A prison, for the most dangerous criminals.

Stephen Boorman, 34, and James Brabbs, 33, were tried at the Old Bailey but deny murdering the Ukrainian in the prison yard. However, Jibreel Raheem, 27, the third attacker, has admitted murder. The three stabbed Nykolyn repeatedly with homemade blades and then put a rope made of bedsheets around his neck.

The prosecutor, Amjad Malik QC, says the attack was carefully planned in advance. The three were trying to cut off Nykolyn’s head, a particularly savage act. The murder happened in public, in the exercise yard, in front of prison guards.

The attack was caught on CCTV. Prosecutor Amjad Malik said, ‘They wanted to demonstrate they were “untouchable,”

All four men were in prison on murder or attempted murder charges. So far, no motive has been recorded.

The trial continues.

Scottish Prison Workers Rack Up 124, 973 Sick Days


The number of sick days taken by Scottish prison workers at prisons such as HMP Barlinnie and HMP Polmont has risen by 50,000 to 124, 973 in the last four years.

The Scottish Conservatives accused the SNP Government of failing to provide the prison support workers need. The conservatives said prisons were “struggling to avoid breaking point,” and that the SNP Government was failing to keep prison staff and prisoners safe.

Like prisons in England and Wales, Scottish prisons are struggling under the weight of increased violence and an influx of psychoactive drugs.

Liam Kerr, Scottish Conservative justice spokesman, said: “It is no coincidence at all that prison officer sick days have been rising at the same time as assaults on prison officers. Our prison workforce is clearly struggling almost to breaking point.”

Kerr advised that staff must be given support fit for purpose to be able to do this demanding job effectively. The job is highly pressured in a dangerous environment, and officers need to be equipped not just physically but mentally too.

The Scottish Prison Service confirmed the number of sick days prison officers have taken over the last year was 54,995, up from the 30,704 days taken in 2015-16. Sick days taken by other prison staff have also risen from 46,043 in 2015-16 to 70,018 through the last year.

 Three Year Old Riley Siswick’s Mother Jailed for Complicity in his Death.

The mother of three year old Riley Siswick has been jailed, she was found guilty of being involved and complicit in his death. Her partner was jailed for the three year olds murder.

The toddler died of fatal abdominal wounds caused by Kyle Campbell, 27, in February 2016.

The toddler may have survived if his mother had rung 999, but she chose to protect her boyfriend over the life of her child.

Riley was found dead two days later in his Huddersfield home.

Campbell was sentenced to life in prison and told he must serve a minimum of 20 years. The toddler’s mother was convicted of causing or allowing Riley’s death and was jailed for seven years.

The court heard how Campbell caused the injuries by jumping or stamping on the boy or by striking him with an object or his fist.

Robert Smith QC, prosecuting, told the jury the blow had injured Riley so severely his bowel was severed, spilling his stomach contents internally, which caused peritonitis – a life-threatening infection.

The pair claimed Riley has a stomach infection and kept him home from nursery instead of taking him to A and E. the judge said it must have been obvious how ill the toddler was. He must have been in a terrible amount of pain and had been left to suffer alone.

‘Shoe Fetish Killer’ Must be Kept Behind Bars says Wakefield Victim’s Daughter

A killer with a fetish for shoes murdered Wendy Speakes, 51, was raped and then stabbed to death by Christopher Farrow in her home in Wakefield in 1994. Her daughter, Tracey Millington-Jones, is campaigning to keep him behind bars.

Farrow was jailed for a minimum of 18 years in 2000, it took six years to bring him to justice. Farrow is serving time in HMP Lincolnshire’s North Sea Camp open prison.

Farrow is on escorted day release as he prepares for the end of his sentence. Ms Millington Jones says Farrow is still a danger to other women as he tried to attack other women before murdering her mother. She is crowd funding for a judicial review of the decision to release him.

In 1994 Farrow conned his way into Mrs Speakes’ house and tied her up with a pair of stockings and forced her to wear a pair of blue mule shoes during the attack. He then left Mrs Speakes’ home with a pair of her court shoes as a ‘trophy’.

Albanian ‘Deliveroo’ Drugs Gang Raked in £4m Before Being Locked Up

Ten Albanian, illegal immigrants, made over £4 million a year as a drugs delivery all centre, dubbed ‘Deliveroo for drugs,’ have been jailed.

The Albanians ran the sophisticated round-the-clock narcotics call centre and delivery service in posh Royal Tunbridge Wells. The gang ran the Kent call centre between May and October last year which zapped orders out onto couriers’ burner phones.

Kent police ran a five month investigation that revealed a £1 million turn-over but the judge Catherine Brown thought it was more likely to be £4million per year.

The gang supplied local dealers with thirty half-gram bags which they sold for £40 each. The couriers would then exchange £1200 for a new supply of drugs.

Prosecutor Simon Taylor likened the operation to a large scale takeaway service. The gang used a burner phone, only used for drug orders.

The gang leader, Nelson Alliaj, had been deported from the UK in 2018 and then snuck back in illegally. Judge Brown said, ‘This was a serious organised crime, and you were at the heart of it.’ she added he had no thought for the people his crimes affected.

Ervis Dervishi, 21, was Alliaj’s ‘lieutenant’ who organised houses, car insurance and administrative details to carry out the operation. Dervishi had also been banned from the UK but smuggled himself back in to take part in the lucrative operation.

The gang was caught by a series of stings by Kent police. One courier, Mataj Arsid, 24, supplied cocaine to an undercover police officer before his arrest.

Alliaj was jailed for 15 years, which will run concurrently with a nine year sentence for production of Class B drugs.

Dervishi, 21, of Colchester, Essex, was sentenced to seven years, and the other eight gang members, all aged 19 to 26, were jailed for between three and seven years.

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