This is the first ever blog I have done so forgive me if we start to bore you to death!

As this is the first blog I just wanted to introduce myself and explain a little bit of what this blog is all about in the hope you will not only subscribe to receiving our updates but will hopefully comment your own points of view too.

I’m Claire an account manager at my job primarily is to explain our service to new customers and help existing customers get the most out f our service by helping them with any questions they may have and helping to save money whilst keeping in touch with a loved one in prison.

Prison phone ltd came about after the director witnessed a very sad marriage break up that was partly caused by a break down in communication between her best friend and her now ex-husband after he was arrested and held on remand in prison.

It was obvious that they still loved each other ,however as they went from being together 24 hours a day to talking for just 10 or 20 minutes per week things understandably deteriorated this also unfortunately had an impact on the whole family where two young children lost contact with their father.

That’s when it was decided that something had to be done! Cheri (prison phone director) says “people do break the law and go to prison, there’s no changing that, however there is no reason a family in this day and age should break down due to the cost of phone calls”

Prison phone ltd help families stay in touch for up to 75% longer so daddy can say goodnight to his child or even tell them a story without having to worry he wont have enough credit left to just say “I love you” to his wife!

Cheri strongly believes that little things like that can be the difference between families staying strong and relationships breaking down, or young children remembering who daddy or mummy even is!!

With that being the primary driver behind the company (parents keeping in touch with children) Other fantastic benefits come from this contact for example prisoners that maintain strong family ties are much less likely to re-offended upon release, after all what choice do some ex-offenders have after they have lost contact with everyone they know ,then all of a sudden are chucked out onto the street to fend for themselves!

Its also been proven that a phone call to a loved one when a prisoner is feeling low is much more effective then a call to the Samaritan’s or other groups at preventing self harm or suicide

So to sum up the first ever prison phone blog we try to help prisoners and families stay connected in the first instance for the prisoners and families themselves but also in the second instance for the public and victims of crime as prisoners will soon be our future neighbours surly trying to reduce re-offending can only be beneficial to the country as a whole!

Thanks for getting this far and finishing the first ever prison phone blog!

Take care of each other

 x Claire Jones x

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Keeping Prisoners and Families connected

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