Parts of HMP Sudbury Prison are set to be demolished after the Prison Service deemed the Prison “no longer fit for purpose”. Two wings of the Derbyshire Prison are now set to be demolished.

The Prison Service is set to demolish two of its wings, P5 and P6 at HMP Sudbury, which is based near Foston and then replace them with newer buildings.

HMP Sudbury which is a Category D men’s prison, is located in the village of Sudbury in Derbyshire, England.

The prison is operated by Her Majesty’s Prison Service.

The Prison currently holds around 580 prisoners within its walls, but this is set to change. Currently only holding around 550 inmates in confinement but the Prison Service has said that these numbers will not reduce.

Although the prison is for eligible prisoners to spend most of their day away from the prison on licence to carry out work, education or for other resettlement purposes. The work is to still be carried out to renew two of its wings.

The blocks would normally be used as residential accommodation for people serving the end of their sentences at the Category D open prison, but at the present time they are empty.

At this point in time, prisoners have been moved to temporary accommodation whilst the prison has work done to it.

Documents for these plans have now been sent to the Derbyshire District Council prior to the demolition of Sudbury Prison’s wings.

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