Sorry its been a bit longer than normal but we have been extremely busy bees here at

Prison Phone  !

We have just launched our new prison finder tool that will enable you to easily find a prisons address or contact number whether you are on a desktop computer or mobile device,

Yeah, yeah you say the MOJ have one of those…

True, However the MOJ site only helps people find prisons in England and Wales the new prison finder tool on the prison phone website can help you get details for prisons all over the UK including Scotland, Northern Ireland, England and Wales!

OK big deal I hear you say google has that!

that’s right they do! but Google requires you to put in your name, email address, etc etc if you would like to write a review, however the new prison finder lets you leave anonymous reviews so real visitors can be open and honest about the experience there have had at a particular prison with no risk of exposing their identity and possibly being put in an awkward position on their next visit!

The idea of this directory will:

  1.  Help people find the postal address or telephone numbers for prisons easily and quickly using their mobile phone,
  2. Let visitors of these prisons leave a true review that will hopefully help other know what to expect
  3. hopefully give the prison visit centres a true insight into what they are doing wrong (so they can hopefully fix it) or what they are doing right (so they can do more of it)
  4. allow people that need help quick and easy access to charities that help the families of prisoners in those specific regions

When leaving a review on the prison phones, prison finder we really do mean anonymous, we don’t ask for your name, address, telephone, number, age, mothers maiden name, what colour underwear you have on, nor do we require you to create an account with a password that must contain 18 characters 4 numbers and six exclamation marks placed at random intervals!

We just simply let you write your review the way you want then we check it for relevance and spam after that its published for the world to see!

So if you have visited a prison in the UK then please stop by and leave a review, you never know you might just help someone to know there’s no parking there or the canteen is terrible so they should eat before they leave!

If your reading this blog then please, please, please share it on your social network of choice so we can help as many people find the information they need

As always

stay safe


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