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Andrelle leedham posing for a picture with mum.

Andrelle leedham posing for a picture with mum.

As you may have already read in my last blog Prison Love Andrelle Leedham after breaking off his love affair with Hannah Stewart a prison officer at HMP Featherstone, has been accused of forcing the daughter of his personal officer (Who was also an officer at HMP Featherstone) to smuggle in a package of contraband into the prison.

On Friday 7/11/2014 before his court appearance I spoke with Andrelle  who believes he has been used as a scapegoat by Hanna Stewart to protect the person she tried to smuggle a package containing 7 mobile phones and drugs into HMP Featherstone for.

Unfortunately the jury did not agree!

They unanimously found Leedham,  guilty of conspiring to supply cannabis and anabolic steroids and conspiracy to convey prohibited articles into HMP Featherstone.

Recorder Cooke said: “He inveigled his way into her affections and was manipulative. He was threatening to turn up on the doorstep of her family and announce what had been going on, which would not have gone down well with her father and brother.”

Leedham was remanded in custody and will be sentenced with the two inmates also involved in the plot at a later date.

Posts written on Andrelles Facebook page after the verdict are all in agreement that they feel this is a terrible miscarriage of justice.

“Read your story an what a load of shit this justice system is quick enough to lock the wrongly convicted hope you stay strong an get your justice totally wrong man on so many levels”

“This system is wrong!!!! She abused her position, END OF!!!! Free Andrelle Leedham”

“Full of crap no one can make anyone do what they don’t to ultimately the decision lies with them n wouldn’t be surprised if she hadn’t done it before but not got caught for it but she will get away with it lightly as the prison service has a reputation to keep n a scape goat needed its wrong”

“I absolutely could not believe it when Peter told me.    Unfukkingbelievable.  That is one fukked up justice system if you ask me.  Obviously there are a whole lot of people that love you and are on your side.   Wishing you and your family strength and patience in the days to come.  Especially patience as you deal with the BS.  Sending you all our love from 5000 miles this direction”

Just to quote a few of the many many messages of support being left for him!

Hanna Stewart, who is on bail, will learn her fate at a separate hearing, however after admitting her involvement in the conspiracy and being caught smuggling the package into the prison I very much doubt she will be enjoying her freedom for very long.

I will keep you updated as and when Leedham is sentenced and also when we hear about Stewarts trial date.

Here’s a few links for you to see what the papers are saying!



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