This blog as the title suggests is about love within prison, the affairs prison officers have with inmates in particular!

You may have read in the news lately about an affair at HMP Featherstone had by a 28 year old Female officer, Hannah Stewart and an inmate Andrelle Leedham, 26 who was released from Featherstone prison on August 23rd 2013.

Andrelle leedham posing for a picture with mum.

Andrelle leedham posing for a picture with mum.



The officer allegedly supplied Leedham with drugs and a mobile phone whilst he was serving his sentence in HMP Featherstone the drugs being an allegation Leedham denies

He said to me in a chat we had before he went into court accused of conspiracy to supply drugs between March 1 2012 and November 23 last year, that he engaged in a number of sexual encounters with the officer mainly consisting of her preforming oral sex on him in the cleaning cupboard of the educational department at HMP Featherstone.

The affair started when Leedham and Stewart started to flirt with each other whilst Leedham was in a prisoner education program. He said “we both flirted with each other” and “we both initiated sexual acts” Leedham says that Stewart fell deeply in love with him even giving him a mobile phone to contact her when she was off duty, he used this phone to continue contact and strengthen the relationship with Stewart without the detection of the PINS phone system as officer and inmate relations are strictly forbidden within prison.

Leedham replied when I asked him did Hannah Stewart ever bring you in drugs or was it only a phone she smuggled in to you? “No no drugs”

The love affair ended when Leedham was released from prison after around a month of him being on the outside as he claims to “know” that Hannah Stewart was having sexual relations with other inmates.


Mr Leedham was a single young man in prison that was being showed sexual attention from a female, he did what any other single young man would do when offered oral sex by a woman TOOK IT.

He says Stewart is now a woman scorned after he broke off the relationship when he found out she was “seeing” other inmates. He feels that “it was a crime to be attractive” and that Hannah Stewart was so attracted to him that she used oral sex to get close to him and eventually fell in love.

"It was a crime to be attractive"

“It was a crime to be attractive”

Although when I asked him “did you ever love her” he replied “NO COMMENT” I got the feeling there was a bit of love there from him too at some stage.

Leedham, Denies any involvement in the conspiracy to supply drugs with Hannah Stewart and claims the allegation that she collected the package containing 7 mobile phones, cannabis and anabolic steroids from his Mothers house is a complete fabrication and a lie.

Hannah Stewart


Mr Oliver Woolhouse, defending, told Stewart: “Andrelle Leedham was not involved at all. You have used him as a scapegoat.”

Leedham agrees with this statement and said he has no idea who she was smuggling in the package for but it certainly wasn’t anything to do with him.

She could have perhaps been brining in the phones for other inmates she was having sexual relations with however that’s just me speculating.

After reading the story on the Prison Phone facebook page Leedham wrote the following facebook status:

We’ll before ppl see me on news an make there own decision…I was a prisoner from 2011 till 2013 at Featherstone prison…where along the way I met a woman officer who fell in love with me an we started to have a relationship !! This officer was known to be corrupt but I was just happy to have the attention I then grew feelings from her an had doubt to the fact I believed she was dating other inmates which ended up in me breakin up the relationship only for her to get caught… taking a bag of items including phones drugs ect into prison then call my name saying I forced her into this  !! Fact of the matter is I was prison where they locked my locks not other way round so hard to force someone from a cell an second of all I’m light skin with green eyes u was always going to fall in love however first I’ve heard that been attractive is a crime !!‪#‎bkatcourt

The trial continues….

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That’s it from me! please feel free to comment and leave your thoughts below! In Summing up mr Andrelle Leedham believes that he is being unfairly blamed after Hannah Stewart was caught so she can protect the real person she was smuggling in the contraband for. In his opinion Hannah Stewart was in a mood for revenge when Andrelle Leedham broke off their relationship and is using this case to get back at him for using her for sexual favours whilst he was in prison.

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