In the spotlight this week is once again the fantastic super prison that is HMP Oakwood!

This time its regarding the way they downplayed a full scale riot where between 15-20 inmates were able to take over one of the wings and set booby traps on some of the doorways!

But don’t worry as a spokesman for G4S the private security firm that runs the prison that has been given the nickname “Jokewood” due to its lack of qualified security staff, said that there was a “minor disturbance” that was fully resolved within a swift timeframe.

A prison officer that was drafted in as part of a tornado team to tackle the rioting prisoners (sorry I mean “minor disturbance”) spoke to the Daily mail and said,

‘They’d interfered with locks to try  and prevent staff getting into the wing and they were destroying  everything they could get their hands on. I did hear prisoners shouting  threats, saying, “We’re ready for you, come on – we’re gonna get you”  and words to that effect.”

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The way this officer summed it up was;

“this was a full scale riot that luckily was confined to just one wing”

Why do you think this was played down so much?

Could it be because G4S the company that run the prison in the midlands have just had a slap on the wrist for overcharging the UK government millions in tagging ex offenders and didn’t want the negative publicity?

but again don’t worry as they “apologised” about that and offered a credit note.

Have a read of the Mirror’s coverage on the story here..

I read a post on twitter that I wish I could take credit for as it seems to some up the UK today ready….

Benefit fraudsters go to jail whilst corporate fraudsters run the jail all the while political fraudsters just apologise. (when they get found out)

Its so sad but unfortunately so true! This government have been using the line

“were all in it together”…. are we? really?

So are we all in it together when a lady with children is sent to prison for over claiming 40k worth of benefits (over a period of some years) whilst a UK MP fraudulently claims 40k on expenses and is let off as long as he pays the money back and apologises… Did the lady that over claimed benefits get a chance to pay back the money and apologise?….did she hell!

lets ask the question what would happen if you or I were to rip the UK government off for millions of pounds? we would almost certainly go to prison right?… Wrong! Apparently not as this government says “we are all in it together” remember so if its ok for G4S and Serco to do it then hey “we’re all in it together” Right…..Hmmmm

At least though on all those millions that have been over charged by G4S the UK have been able to get some of that back through the corporation tax G4S have paid as surly they must of made some sort of profit tagging these imaginary or sometimes even deceased ex-offenders. Not according to the telegraph!

So reading this you may think I have gone a little off topic however bare with, bare with!

After all this being so fresh in the news is it surprising that G4S have tried to cover up the riot that happened recently?

Perhaps they were hoping this would not come out so they will be free to bid for the new super prison contract in Wrexham as the government is still undecided weather it should be privately run or not.

Now I’m not saying that I think all privately run prisons are struggling but reading the news it does seem to always be them that are making the headlines.

Weather it be the trouble at Oakwood, the appalling care given to a lady that miscarried whilst in a Sodexo run prison or the story of a prisoner being left alone in hospital by Serco staff it doesn’t seem to look great for privately run prisons in the UK at the moment.

As always these thoughts are mine and mine alone and do not in anyway represent the views of Prison phone ltd as a company.

In Fact Prison phone ltd have a huge respect for privately run prisons as these are the first to pioneer a great step forward in keeping prisoners and families connected by having In cell phones that prisoners are able to use to contact friends and family that have been approved and vetted by the prison security staff.

The governor of HMP Oakwood Mr McLaughlin was quoted to say

” The ability for inmates to keep in contact with family, especially in times of crisis for them on the outside, helps them further to retain a sense of normality which helps them transition to life after their sentence ends”,

Which is a statement that agree with and support 100%

Anyway that’s enough for another edition!

As always any comments are welcome, feel free to share this on facebook or tweet it to your followers.

take care and stay safe

x Claire x

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