Sudbury Prison, a Category D Prison where inmates often escape is set to expand to hold a further 80 inmates.

Than plans to expand the prison are also to include a multi faith centre.

HMP Sudbury is a Category ‘D’ open resettlement prison holding sentenced adult prisoners and sentenced young offenders. The site was originally constructed as a hospital for the United States Air Force during World War Two but has been used as a prison since 1948.

The Ministry of Justice has submitted proposals for two new housing blocks at HMP Sudbury – on the Staffordshire-Derbyshire border – which would include 120 cells. The plans would also see the demolition of an existing building and the loss of 40 cells.

From these new plans, these will leave the prison with a total of 80 new cells. The prison will be able to take a total 661 if the plan is given the go ahead. But what does this mean for the security of the Prison?

The Ministry of Justice wants to increase the prison’s capacity to meet the forecast of the number of inmates it will have. It also hopes to enable more prisoners to be in the right type of prisons, with Sudbury being an open jail, where many inmates move to before release.

Two prisoners recently escaped the Prison after jumping over the fence of HMP Sudbury in Derbyshire, police have said.

The two Prisoners go by the names of Sam Hawkins and Darren McKay who were last seen on CCTV escaping the open Category D prison at 10.15pm on Monday (11 October).

These new plans are part of a wider programme to add 10,000 additional prison places, which includes increasing capacity at category D prisons across multiple sites.

The plans have been submitted to Derbyshire Dales District Council which has consulted with various bodies, including Derbyshire police and East Staffordshire Borough Council.

All bodies within the Council have raised no objections. All are consulted on the pan with the final decision on the scheme made by the Ministry of Justice. This is due to be in the next few months.

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