Sorry for the lack of blog posting over the last few weeks! I have been helping to develop the new “MY ACCOUNT” pages to help customers keep track of their usage and to see just how much they are saving the prisoner on their PINs phone credits!

As I’ve said before the current calling charges from the pay phones within prison are extortionate, on average a call to a UK mobile phone would cost 40p per minute with a 15p connection charge on EVERY call.

The Prison Phone service reduces this call cost down to the standard landline rate which depending on which prison the prisoner is calling from can be as low as 6p per minute and up to a maximum of 10p per minute with NO connection fee.

To make this more realistic lets take a standard 10 minute phone call 3 times a week into consideration,

Without the prison phone service the prisoner would be forced to pay £4.15 for each ten minute phone call to a UK mobile phone, this times three in our example would equate to the prisoner using £12.45 per week for just 30 minutes worth of calls.

If the person they are calling has signed up for a prison phone account ( prices start at just £5.99 per month)

then the calls would be charged at a maximum of 10p per minute that means the same 10 minute call would cost the prisoner just £1 (that is the maximum the lowest it could be is 60p)

that £1 three times (you guessed it) would be £3 per week meaning the prisoner can either call you for longer or can use their limited spend funds on other essentials such as shower gel or deodorant or even snacks from the canteen.

It also means that ultimately the family member sending in the money for PINs phone credits will only need to send in 25% of what they normally send for the same amount of talk time!

Over a month this could save the prisoner around £37.80p and would only cost the family member £7.99 (for the 100 minute package) then £1.40 (for the additional 20 minutes of calls received over the 100 minute allowance) and then the VAT bringing the total payable by the family member receiving the call just £11.27 meaning an overall saving of £26.53 per month on just 30 minutes worth of calls!

As you can imagine if that ten minute call was made everyday then the saving would be more than doubled!


The new “MY ACCOUNT” tab will allow customer to login to their account and see their usage for the current billing period, change price plans, set up direct debits, see how much they have saved the prisoner, and much more!

So please login if you are already a customer or if not then WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!?

get over to www.prisonphone.co.uk and sign up online today!

As always take care and stay safe

x Claire x

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