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Todays post as the title suggests is about twitter! We are now officially prolific tweeters racking up a total of 5000 tweets to date so far!

That’s 5000 tweets about prison and crime related news keeping our followers up to date with what’s going on (or what’s NOT going on) within the UK’s criminal justice system.

To celebrate this we have compiled a 5 tweet count down that our followers would have read earlier today, for the benefit of our blog readers that don’t already follow our twitter account (@prisonphoneltd) here they all are!

5: The amount of people that can share your minute allowance on our new family packages

Our new family packages at www.prisonphone.co.uk allow one account holder to share their usage allowance with up to 4 additional family members or friends so the prisoner is able to call up to 5 mobile numbers all at the reduced local rate for their call!

4: The number of ways to pay your bill include: Paypal, Debit/credit card, over the counter at any Barclays bank, or via direct debit.

Our preferred method of payment is by our award winning BACS approved direct debit system that ensures our customers are always up to date when it comes to paying their invoices and avoids any disruption to their service.

3: The average number of calls our customers receive per day from prison using our service.

As our service makes calls to a mobile phone from prison so cheap our customers are enjoying more talk time with their lived one without sending in any extra money for PINS phone credit.

2: Heads are better than one, that’s why we feel communication plays a huge role in a prisoners rehabilitation process.

When a prisoner is awaiting trial or needs to just talk to someone outside of the prison walls being able to pick up the phone and call their friends or family no matter where they are is something that all prisoners should have affordable access to!

1: The number of calls it takes for a prisoners mood to dramatically improve if they are having a bad day!

When a prisoner is feeling low that one ten minute phone call to their loved one brings a little normality back into their lives and allows them (for those ten minutes) to enjoy the sounds of their children laughing which most definitely improves their mood for the rest of the day!

And there you have it a 5 tweet count down to our 5000th tweet!

If you haven’t done so already follow us on twitter using the twitter handle @prisonphoneltd

Have a great Sunday!

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