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As the title suggests I wanted to talk about the victims of crime,

The reason for this is there has been a lot of chatter of late on social networking sites saying that some of the British public unfortunately cant understand the importance of what Prison Phone offers in the sense of helping to aid in rehabilitation by helping both prisoners and their families maintain a good relationship whilst they are in custody in a hope that they will be able to become truly rehabilitated,

It stands to reason that if more prisoners do not re-offend upon release then this can only be a good thing for the wider population therefore services that help aid in that process should be welcomed by everyone in society and not just by those who immediately needs the help today.

That said it sometimes feels quite that some of the British public are quite ignorant as I said above they believe that we are putting prisoners before their victims and that services that are there to help prisoners and in fact their families should not be allowed some of the classic quotes are “if they wanted to speak to their family they shouldn’t commit crime” and “prison is like a holiday camp they get TVs, PlayStation’s and now cheap phone calls”

Don’t get me wrong in an ideal society no crime would be committed and prisons would not exist therefor there would be no need for companies such as Prison Phone or any need for probation officers or support charities such as NEPACS, the prison reform trust and the Howard league for penal reform etc. etc..

However we do not live in an ideal society, its the real world we live in where people make mistakes and need support, there are endless charities out there that help the victims of crime such as Victim support and Victims of crime to name just too off the top of my head i’m sure a quick search on Google will bring up a charity or support group that specialize in helping victims of all manor specific crimes.

These services are lifelines for the victims of crime and are extremely important for people coming to terms with crimes that have been committed against them or people close to them.

However what also needs to happen is we need to stop wishing we lived in the “perfect” society and start really trying to help all members of it even if it means they have committed a crime, the fact is we (prison phone ltd) are here to help the people who want to change their path and stop the cycle of re-offending by making sure they have a good network of friends and family that want to see them turn their lives around.

There are many success stories of rehabilitation projects including the Bad Boys Bakery that help prisoners within Brixton prison gain the knowledge to obtain employment within the catering industry upon release and people like Jonathan Robinson (Read his book here) that went to prison for a crime on a relatively short sentence but has now devoted the rest of his life to helping others in prison get access to the education they need to be able to turn their lives around with the help of toe by toe a project run by the Shannon trust.

We help by making sure that a  fundamental part of the rehabilitation process is affordable to all, FAMILY CONTACT, this contact is absolutely 100% fundamental to the process of rehabilitation because lets face it if a prisoner is released back into society with no where to go and no one to talk too then there is a much greater risk of that person falling back into his/her criminal lifestyle, that will of course create more victims of crime and also cost the British tax payer thousands if not millions of pounds convicting and imprisoning that person again.

I’m sure you will either be nodding along with me or furious at the fact we are helping prisoners and their families save money but whatever your opinion please feel free to voice it here or share on twitter Facebook etc.

As always the above blog represents my own personal views and not that of my employers

Stay safe

x Claire x

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