Here are some of the Great benefits from having a Local package.


* A dedicated landline number for your existing mobile phone equipment (No diverts, no fuss).

* Our service is compatible with all UK mobile phone networks and all types of Mobile phone.

* The Prisoner is only charged the Local landline rate for a call to your mobile.

* Our technology allows you to use your existing mobile phone (with no additional equipment) * No more waiting at home by the landline.

* Only a 30 day contract.

* Calls at just 7p per minute after the usage of your allowance (see our STANDARD RATES for more details).

* Area code to match your location* (subject to availability).

Please see our frequently asked questions page or contact us if you have any questions about our Local packages.

If you’re happy with this package Sign up If your not sure about this price plan then click here for our price plan’s explained page.

All new connections are subject to a one off £24 including VAT connection fee.

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These are the rates we will charge you to receive calls after you have used your package allowance.

Once you have reached your monthly usage allowance your account will then be charged at our standard rate, what this means is any usage above your allowance will be shown on your invoice in the “local Package minutes” row.

Our standard rate is 7p per minute all of our Local and Family packages (8.4p inc vat), so for example if you are on a 100 minute price plan and use 200 minutes in the billing month the first 100 would be included in your price plan however the second 100 minutes would be charged at our standard rate 100 x 7p = £7.00 (£8.40 inc vat).

The prisoner will never be charged any extra for the call and will always only pay the local rate to the prison from their PINs pay phone account, and we would never limit your contact just because you have used more minutes than expected this month.

You can at any time freeze your account to avoid our standard rate charges by calling us on 0207 1279 128 or emailing [email protected] with your account number or postcode letting us know this is what you would like to do until your minutes reset on the 20th of the month.

A standard prison PINs phone would charge a prisoner in England and Wales around 40p per minute to call your mobile without our service, Therefore even if you do find yourself on our standard rate you will still be benefiting from a huge saving compared to the same call without our service.

You can login online at any time to find out how many minutes you have used and if you find you keep going over your allowance don’t forget you can always upgrade your package using the “my account” tab on the website.