HMP Blantyre House

Blantyre House Prison

Tel: 01580 213200 – Goudhurst, Cranbrook, Kent TN17 2NH

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HMP Blantyre House was actually once a country house, and is situated close to Goudhurst, in Kent. It’s a category C/D prison for adult males and focuses on resettlement. Generally, prisoners arrive to complete the final part of their sentence before they are released. There is a strong focus on reintegration into society, and as a result, education is compulsory for the last 6 months of the inmate’s sentence. It amalgamated with East Sutton Park in 2007, and has a capacity of 122. You can find HMP Blantyre House by referring to the map on this page.

Tel: 01580 213200

Operational capacity: 122 as of 2nd January 2008

Goudhurst, Cranbrook, Kent TN17 2NH

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Here's some facts about Blantyre House prison

Did you know?

HMP Blantyre House is an adult male category “C/D” prison in Goudhurst, Kent. It was a country house taken over by the prison commission in 1954. It accepts prisoners with no history of arson, prisoners willing to participate in compliance testing, with identified needs of resettlement, or whose resettlement plan is likely to be in the south east. It has a capacity of 122.

The prison focuses on resettlement, so education is compulsory for the prisoners to complete.

The prison was set to close in 2015 temporarily while renovation works took place

Notable former prisoners include Satpal Ram, who was convicted of killing another man (Clarke Pearce) in a fight in Birmingham in 1986. He was released from HMP Blantyre House in June 2002.

To view the latest report, click here.

Visiting times are Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays from 13:45 to 16:00, with no need to pre-book. Prisoners are allowed out on town visits when they are category D prisoners.

  • A Timpson training academy was opened in May 2012

    Blantyre latest facts 3
  • The prison is still closed for renovation, despite no plans have begun

    Blantyre latest facts 2
  • Winston Silcott was kept here in 2003

    Blantyre latest facts 1
  • After risk assessment, some prisoners are able to take part in projects within the local community.

    Blantyre House fact 3
  • HMP Blantyre House experienced considerable controversy in 1996, when a former inmate accused the prison of corruption.


    Blantyre House fact 2
  • Prisoners are offered a number of vocational courses at Blantyre House, including IT, Plastering and Dry-Lining.


    Blantyre House fact 1


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