Riots at Oakwood


In the spotlight this week is once again the fantastic super prison that is HMP Oakwood! This time its regarding the way they downplayed a full scale riot where between 15-20 [...]

Riots at Oakwood2014-01-25T01:59:28+00:00

Children of prisoners


Its often forgotten by the public or even the prison service that prisoners are people too! They are often Men/Women with family and children that have to take the punishment [...]

Children of prisoners2014-01-16T19:56:05+00:00

The Cost of Prison


Well as the title of this blog post suggests I just wanted to ask the question "what is the cost of prison" This question has multiple answers I'm sure you'll [...]

The Cost of Prison2014-01-08T16:39:28+00:00

Hydebank Wood Bakery


  so... Prisoners in Hydebank wood women's and young offenders prison are being trained to bake and will be producing the bread for prisoners across Ireland! They are set to [...]

Hydebank Wood Bakery2014-01-04T19:19:58+00:00
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