Items seized from welsh prisons


Hello! Today I wanted to blog about the shear number of items that were seized from prisoners in welsh prisons. In the last year alone more than 200 unauthorised items [...]

Items seized from welsh prisons2014-03-23T15:22:20+00:00

The Prize draw


Hello, Its me again! This week I wanted to draw your attention to the fantastic prize draw we have set up here at that will give one person the [...]

The Prize draw2014-03-15T15:23:22+00:00

foreign nationals


Hello Welcome back to another edition, this week following the launch of Prison Phones latest international price plans I wanted to blog about the growing number of foreign nationals behind [...]

foreign nationals2014-03-08T18:24:47+00:00

HMP Brixton


Hello and welcome to another good news blog! Today's blog post is all about the latest restaurant to hit Brixton, HMP Brixton to be exact! That's right the clinks charity [...]

HMP Brixton2014-03-02T03:13:44+00:00
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