HMP Buckley Hall

Buckley Hall Prison

Tel: 01706 514 300 – Buckley Road Rochdale Lancashire OL12 9DP

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HMP Buckley Hall stands on the site of a historic house, which was demolished after the Second World War. It opened in 1995 and was the UK’s fourth private prison, under the operation of Group 4 Prison Services. However, five years later, the company lost the tender and the prison was returned to the public sector. It is a male category C training prison and has a capacity of 445. If you’re visiting HMP Buckley Hall and want to find out directions, just refer to the map on this page

Tel: 01706 514 300

Operational capacity: 445

Buckley Road Rochdale Lancashire OL12 9DP

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Here's some facts about Buckley Hall prison.

Did you know?

HMP Buckley Hall is a category C men’s prison in Rochdale, Greater Manchester. Opened in 1995, it was the UKs fourth private prison, run by Group 4 Prison Services, but lost it’s contract after 5 years, and was returned to the public in 2000. It has a capacity of 445.

The prison was featured in the news after a smuggled mobile phone was used to film a prisoner getting “high” on “Spice”

A report in April 2016 stated that there had been two occasions in the year before when prisoners managed to escape onto the roof of the building. Prison staff say “the man was uninjured – and that the disturbance did not affect the running of the jail,”.

To view the most recent inspection report, click here.

Visiting times are between 14:00 and 16:00 Monday to Friday, and  09:30 to 11:30 & 14:00 to 16:00 Saturdays and Sundays

  • Manchester University provides education services to the prisoners.

    Buckley latest facts 2
  • Buckley Hall takes its name from a historic house which was on the site before WWII, when it was demolished

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  • HMP Buckley Hall accepted female inmates in 2002. However, the prison was criticised for being dangerously over-crowded, which meant that it reverted to being a male only prison only two years later.

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  • The prison is built on an incline. As a result, it cannot house prisoners with mobility or heart problems.

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  • HMP Buckley Hall operates a ‘working in prison’ model; and every inmate is expected to either work or take part in full-time education.

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