HMP Castle Huntly

Castle Huntly Prison

Tel: 01382 319333Longforgan, Dundee, Angus DD2 5HL

HMP Castle Huntly has a capacity of 285 and is Scotland’s only open prison. The focus is on preparing inmates for release, and prisoners can take part in education covering job readiness, positive citizenship and personal responsibility. The castle was originally built sometime around 1452 by Baron Gray of Fowlis and is positioned on the top of a rocky outcrop. If you want to find out how to get to HMP Castle Huntly, please refer to the map on this page.

Tel: 01382 319333

Operational capacity: 285

Longforgan, Dundee, Angus DD2 5HL


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Here's some facts about Castle huntly prison

Did you know?

HMP Castle Huntly is the only open prison in Scotland, and holds male inmates in Longforgan, Perth and Kinross. Opened in 1947, as a borstal, the prison has capacity to hold 285 prisoners.

The castle is said to be haunted by “The White Lady”, a young woman dressed in white robes. Various stories describe her history, and one concerns the daughter of the Lyon family, who fell from the tower of the castle. Her ghost has reportedly been seen in the castle grounds, and the grounds surrounding the castle at night. It does not seem to cause fear and appears harmless.

Frederick Boyd was arrested in 2015 for stabbing his partner because he wrongly accused her of having an affair. He was reported missing from HMP Castle Huntly on the 11th of April 2017, and allegedly used a “samurai sword” attack her in Knightswood. He was returned to jail on the 9th August 2017.

Visiting hours are many for the different blocks of the prison. For more information, click here, click the “Visiting The Prison” section, and select the section of the prison the inmate you wish to visit is kept in.

  • A prisoner was charged after assaulting a warden in December 2015

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  • A prisoner was recaptured after two weeks at large. Police warned the public not to approach the 24 year old.

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  • A group of inmates at HMP Castle Huntly have been given the opportunity to ain qualifications and practical experience in barista skills.

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  • When the castle was first built, it was surrounded by wild marshland.

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  • Castle Huntly prison is believed to be haunted by a spirit known as ‘The White Lady’!

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  • HMP Castle Huntly was a borstal in 1947, then a young offender’s institution, before finally becoming an open prison.

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