HMP Dartmoor

Dartmoor Prison

Tel: 01822 322000 – Princetown, Yelverton, Devon PL20 6RR

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HMP Dartmoor is one of the UK’s most famous and notorious prisons. It’s gained such a reputation that it even has its own museum! It’s located in Princetown, in the heart of Dartmoor; and is a category C training prison for adults. The building was originally constructed in the early 1800s and was built to house prisoners of the Napoleonic Wars. These days, its capacity is 659.

One of Dartmoor’s most famous escapees was Frank Mitchell – also known as ‘The Mad Axeman’. Rather than facing the moors, he was picked up outside the prison by associates of the Kray Twins. However, this turned out to be a bad decision for Mitchell, who was murdered later that year by the Krays.

Our blog post explores the history of HMP Dartmoor so please take a look by clicking the following link;

UK Prison history uncovered: HMP Dartmoor

If you’d like to find out how to get to HMP Dartmoor, please view the map on this page.

Tel: 01822 322000

Operational capacity: 659

Princetown, Yelverton, Devon PL20 6RR

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Here's some facts about Dartmoor prison.

Did you know?

HMP Dartmoor is a category C training prison in Princetown, Devon. It is one of the most famous and notorious prisons in the country, and even has its own museum! It has the capacity to hold 659 male prisoners.

According to the latest inspection report, HMP Dartmoor has 3 Vulnerable Prisoner Units (VPUs), A wing, B wing and D wing. D wing also holds mainstream prisoners. A wing and B wing hold 122 and 124 vulnerable prisoners respectively, and D wing holds 122 inmates. E wing is for the resettlement unit which holds 49 people. F wing ands G wing are mainstream wings, holding 47 and 157 respectively.

Ofsted rated Weston College’s education provision Good, and the PE program has been praised in the report.The prison offers courses from basic education to Open University courses and vocationals.

The state of the porridge in 1932 could have sparked the brutal riot.

Visits to the prison are available for all prisoners on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays between 1400 and 1600 hours.

  • The "Mad Axeman" Frank Mitchell escaped from Dartmoor prison.

    dartmoor latest fact 3
  •  The MoJ said they would not renew their lease of Dartmoor in 2015, meaning it will close or go to a private owner.

    dartmoor latest fact 2
  • Peter Hammond , founder of Hammond, Louisiana,  had been briefly imprisoned at Dartmoor Prison during the Napoleonic Wars. He escaped during a prison riot.

    Dartmoor latest fact 1
  • The annual ‘Dartmoor Jailbreak’ sees members of the public escaping from the prison to raise money for charity. They must get as far as possible in 4 days without paying for transport.



    Dartmoor prison fact 3
  • In 1932, a famous mutiny broke out in the prison. 50 prisoners were involved, but nobody was injured.



    Dartmoor prison fact 2
  • HMP Dartmoor, despite its formidable reputation as an impenetrable, high-security prison, only houses non-violent criminals these days.


    Dartmoor prison fact 1


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