HMP Foston Hall

Foston Hall Prison

Tel: 01283 584300Foston, Derby, Derbyshire DE65 5DN

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HMP Foston Hall is located in Derby and is a closed female prison, set on the grounds of the hunting estate of the Broadhurst family. The current building was constructed in 1863, though the original estate dates back to the 14th century. Many parts of the 17th century manor house still remain. It was closed in 1996, and reopened a year later, after extensive refurbishment. The prison has a capacity of 310. If you’re visiting HMP Foston Hall and want to find out directions, please refer to the map on this page.

Tel: 01283 584300

Operational capacity: 310 as of 25 February 2011

Foston, Derby, Derbyshire DE65 5DN

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Here's some facts about Foston hall prison.

Did you know?

HM Foston Hall is a closed category women’s prison in Foston, Derbyshire. The current building was built in 1863 on the 14th century estate and many parts of the 17th century house remain.

The latest HMIP inspection report describes the residential area. A and B wing have 42 beds, holding a mixture of mainly sentenced women and young adults. C wing has 41 beds holding mainly remanded women and young adults. D wing has 35 beds for women with no set criteria on status or sentence length in dormitory accommodation. F wing has 63 beds for mainly sentenced women and young adult. Remand wing has first night and detoxification unit for 63 women. T wing has 58 beds for mainly sentenced women and young adults.

The prison closed temporarily in 1996 for refurbishment, and reopened in 1997.

Visiting hours are between 14:00 and 16:00 Monday and Wednesday-Sunday; and 9:30 – 11:30 weekends.

  • In the past, HMP Foston Hall has operated as a Detention Centre and Immigration Centre.

    Foston Hall prison fact 3
  • The original 17th century manor house was badly damaged by fire in 1836. However, certain parts of the building are still standing.

    Foston Hall prison fact 2
  • Famous former inmates include Myra Hindley and Maxine Carr.

    Foston Hall prison fact 1


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