HMP Greenock

Greenock Prison

Tel: 01475 787801Gateside, Greenock, Renfrewshire PA16 9AH

HMP Greenock was originally constructed in the early 1900s, replacing the Nelson Street prison. It mainly takes in offenders from the local courts of Greenock, Campbelltown, Dunoon and Oban, whilst also accepting those from North Strathclyde and Inverclyde. The prison caters for both male and female inmates, and holds those on short-term and long-term sentences, in addition to those who are on remand. It has a capacity of 249. If you’d like directions to HMP Greenock, please use the map on this page.

Tel: 01475 787801

Operational capacity: 249

Old Inverkip Road, Greenock, Renfrewshire PA16 9AJ


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Here's some facts about Greenock prison

Did you know?

HMP Greenock is a male’s prison in Greenock, Inverclyde. Opened in 1910, the prison has capacity to hold 249 inmates.

Accommodation comprises three main residential areas: Ailsa Hall has 132 single occupancy cells including one accessible cell. In addition, it provides two safer cells. Darroch Hall has 53 single occupancy cells, one of which is an accessible cell. In addition it has one safer cell. This Hall provides cellular accommodation for female prisoners on remand and for convicted female prisoners irrespective of sentence length. Chrisswell House comprises 64 single occupancy cells, and provides a National Top-End facility for those long-term, adult, male prisoners who require low levels of supervision. There are also four Separate Cells located adjacent to Ailsa Hall.

A new jail is planned to be built in Greenock, and is due to cost £75 million, and is described as a 21st century “beacon of hope” for troubled women to turn their lives around.

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Visiting hours are different for each Hall. For more information, click here, and see the right side of the page.

  • Two murderers in HMP Greenock became the first ever inmates in Scotland to be baptised behind bars.

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  • Presenter George Galloway was arrested and spent hours in the jail after protesting the absurd fact that “the United States can have thousands of nuclear weapons, many of them pointing at North Korea, but the North Koreans aren't allowed to have one pointing in the opposite direction."

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  • A violent wife-beater has been jailed for eighteen months after sparking an armed siege with police officers.

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  • The prison accepted its first inmates in 1910.

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  • Although called HMP Greenock, many people call it ‘Gateside Prison’.

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  • One of the prison’s most notorious inmates was Abdelbaset-al-Megrahi, who was found guilty of 270 counts of murder (the Lockerbie bombing). This still remains one of the worst acts of terrorism to take place in the UK.

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