HMP Holme House

Holme House Prison

Tel: 01642 744000 – Holme House Road, Stockton-on-Tees, Cleveland TS18 2QU

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HMP Holme House is a category B local prison, holding both convicted and unconvicted adult and young adult prisoners. It is situated in Stockton on Tees and has a capacity of 1,210; and inmates are largely those with longer sentences. The prison was built for purpose and opened in 1992, expanding significantly in the late 1990s.

In May 2016 government announced that six prisons would be piloting their prison reform scheme.

How Will HMP Holme House Benefit?

The planned changes to the system, which the government have labelled as the ‘biggest shake-up of prisons since the Victorian times’ are focusing on long-term rehabilitation; with a view to reducing levels of reoffending.

Our blog post UK Prison Reform 2016 – Holme House Prison

Look’s into Holme house prison specifically and what the changes mean for the inmates there.

If you’re planning to visit HMP Holme House and would like to find out how to get there, please refer to the map on this page.


Tel: 01642 744000

Operational capacity: 1210

Holme House Road, Stockton-on-Tees, Cleveland TS18 2QU

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Here's some facts about Holme House prison.

Did you know?

HMP Holme House is a category B prison in Stockton-On-Tees, County Durham. Opened in 1992, the prison has capacity to hold 1,210 prisoners.

Hose blocks one and two hold up to 183 sentenced prisoners each. House block three holds 183 vulnerable and older prisoners. House block four holds in convicted adults and the induction center, with a capacity for 183. House block 5 holds another 102 sentenced prisoners. House block six is the therapeutic community and drug recovery wing with a capacity to hold 154. House block seven is the resettlement unit and holds sentenced adults. It has a capacity to hold 224 men.

In Holme House, “super-strength prisoners, illicit trade, violence, sickness, convulsions, hospital visits, and officers inhaling fumes from jail cells” have been seen as Spice, worth as much as £5,000 per ounce in the prison, is found smuggled inside by 68 year old ex prison nurse Elsie Watson.

To view the latest HMIP inspection report, click here.

Visiting hours are between 13:45 and 15:45 Mon-Fri, and 8:45 – 11:30 & 13:45 – 15:30 Sat-Sun.


  • In 2016 it was announced that HMP Holme House would be one of six prison's to pilot

    A new reform prisons scheme.

    Holme House prison fact 4
  • Training in HMP Holme House enables prisoners to gain NVQ qualifications in certain subjects.

    Holme house prison fact 3
  • The prison came under scrutiny when two inmates committed suicide within a month of one another in 2012.

    Holme house prison fact 2
  • HMP Holme House suffered three days’ worth of rioting in 2002. Prisoners were protesting about being locked up for long periods due to staff shortages.

    Holme house prison fact 1


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