HMP Humber

Humber Prison

Tel: 01430 428413 – 1 Beck Road, Everthorpe, Brough, North Humberside HU15 1RB

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HMP Humber has, at the time of writing, (2015) not yet been formed. It will be the result of two prisons merging; HMP Everthorpe and HMP Wolds. The plan is to create a category C resettlement prison housing adult male offenders, and the aim is to provide an innovative service, designed specifically to help prisoners readjust to life in normal society after they have served their sentence. It is anticipated to have a capacity of 1,062. If you want to visit HMP Humber, please refer to the map on this page for directions.


Tel: 01430 428413 – Everthorpe booking line: 01430 426505

Operational capacity: 1,062

1 Beck Road, Everthorpe, Brough, North Humberside HU15 1RB

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Here's some facts about Humber prison.

Did you know?

HMP Humber is a category C prison in Everthorpe, East Riding of Yorkshire. Opened as a merger between HMP Everthorpe and HMP Wolds in 2015, the prison has capacity to hold 1062 male inmates.

Zone 1 (formally Wolds) contains wings A to G wings, while zone 2 (also formally Wolds) consists of wings H to O. A wing is the first night centre and induction unit and has 60 beds. B, C and D wings each have 60 beds, as do E and F wings which form the drug recovery unit. G wing is an enhanced unit with 30 beds. The segregation unit has 18 beds. H wing has 79 beds, I wing has 96 beds, J, K and L wing have 82 beds each and M wing has 81 beds. The enhanced unit, N wing, has 120 beds and O wing, the category D resettlement unit, has 14 beds.

£500,000 worth of drugs were found in the prison in just three months up to December 2016.

To view the latest HMIP inspection report, click here.

Visiting hours are between 14:00 and 16:00 Mon-Sun, and 09:00 – 11:00 Sat-Sun.

  • HMP Everthorpe and HMP Wolds are situated directly next to one another, which makes the merger relatively straightforward to complete.

    Humber prison fact 3
  • In 2008, Everthorpe came under scrutiny when it was revealed that smuggling of drugs and other illegal goods was rife in the prison.

    Humber prison fact 2
  • HMP Everthorpe has been criticised in the past for not offering enough opportunity for inmates to join the resettlement scheme.

    Humber prison fact 1


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