HMP Kilmarnock

Kilmarnock Prison

Tel: 01563 548800Mauchline Road, Kilmarnock, Ayrshire KA1 5AA

HMP Kilmarnock is situated around 3 miles outside of Hurlford in East Ayrshire and is managed privately by Serco. Indeed, it was the first prison in Scotland to be privately managed. The prison takes a wide variety of prisoners, including short-term, long-term and remand, though most are convicted. It has a capacity of 692. If you’re planning to visit HMP Kilmarnock and you’d like directions, please refer to the map on this page.

Tel: 01563 548800

Operational capacity: 692

Mauchline Road, Kilmarnock, Ayrshire KA1 5AA


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Here's some facts about Kilmarnock prison

Did you know?

HMP Kilmarnock is a prison near Kilmarnock, East Ayshire. Opened in 1999, and privately managed by Serco, the prison has capacity to hold 692 inmates. It was the first prison in Scotland to be privately managed.

The “superfight” between Connor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather was streamed to potentially dangerous inmates in their cells in the early morning of the 27th of August 2017, and a prison source said the ‘big fights’ were regularly streamed into the cells. Justice Secretary Liam Kerr told The Sun that “Jail is meant to rehabilitate offenders and make them turn away from violence and aggression“ questioning whether violent criminals should be allowed to watch a potentially graphic fight.

To view the latest HMIPS inspection report, click here.

Visiting times are complex for different types of prisoner. For information about visits and times, click here, click the “Visiting the Prison” tab, and see the right side of the page for times.

  • The prison entered a team of 35 staff and to the town’s 10k for Beautiful Inside and Out.

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  • A man was fined after trying to fight a prison officer over a Mars bar.

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  • Inmates Kyle Hughes and Thomas Wallace at HMP Kilmanock created a memorial cairn for Armistice Day 2016, using the skills they learned from a vocational bricklaying course.

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  • Prior to being a prison, the site was used as a munitions factory for the Air Ministry.

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  • Although called HMP Kilmarnock, most people tend to refer to it as ‘Bowhouse Prison’, after the area it is built in.

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  • In 2005, Panorama did a report into the poor operational standards of the prison. This resulted in a large number of internal investigations.

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