HMP Kirklevington Grange

Kirklevington Grange Prison

Tel: 01642 792600 – Yarm, Cleveland TS15 9PA

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HMP Kirklevington Grange is an open prison, and its primary function is to assist prisoners with resettlement after their sentence is complete. It accepts only adult male offenders, mainly those who live in the north-east of England, and has a capacity of 283. The prison is named after the village it is situated in, which is close to Yarm in North Yorkshire. If you want to visit HMP Kirklevington Grange, please look at the map on this page.

Tel: 01642 792600

Operational capacity: 283

Yarm, Cleveland TS15 9PA

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Here's some facts about Kirklevington grange prison.

Did you know?

HMP Kirklevington Grange is a category D men’s prison and young offenders in institution Yarm, North Yorkshire. Opened in 1992, the prison has capacity to hold 283 male inmates.

The prison consists of units A-H, J, L and R. Units A, B, C, G, H, J and R consist of single rooms in the main building situated on both the ground and upper floors. D and E units have 40 single rooms in two modern buildings. K unit also has 40 single rooms. L unit has 60 single rooms with en-suite shower, toilet and sink. It is the newest residential unit, opened in 2008. F unit has double rooms and accommodates 40.

The typical cell in HMP Kirklevington Grange is equipped with a television, radio and an electric fan in the summer. Despite the cells – which the staff prefer to call rooms – being more ‘luxurious’, they are still cramped like higher security cells.

The prison’s aim is to prepare inmates for release. The prisoners are encouraged to maintain and develop links with families and the community.

To view the latest HMIP inspection report, click here.

Visiting hours are 13:45 – 15:45 on Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

  • All cells are lockable and the inmates have personal keys, which gives them an unusual level of privacy.

    Kirklevington Grange prison fact 3
  • Inmates are actively encouraged to maintain communication with their friends and families, as part of their rehabilitation and resettlement.

    Kirklevington Grange prison fact 2
  • A 2006 report found that resettlement efforts at HMP Kirklevington Grange were effective.

    Kirklevington Grange prison fact 1


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