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Tel: 0151 530 4000 – 68 Hornby Road, Liverpool, Merseyside L9 3DF

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HMP Liverpool is in the heart of the city and has a capacity of 1,247. It’s a category B/C local men’s prison and accepts inmates from Blackburn, Merseyside and Wigan courts. The prison was originally constructed in 1855, replacing the original prison, which was far older and considerably more cramped. A range of education courses are on offer here, provided by Manchester College.

We looked into the history of HMP Liverpool and found that back in the Victorian era the prison 62 people were executed using the new at the time step less gallows which greatly sped up the time it took to execute prisoner.

For more on the history of Liverpool prison take a look at our UK prison history blog post by clicking the link below;

UK Prison History Uncovered: HMP Liverpool

If you’d like to find out how to get to HMP Liverpool, simply refer to this map.

Tel: 0151 530 4000

Operational capacity: 1247

68 Hornby Road, Liverpool, Merseyside L9 3DF

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Here's some facts about Liverpool prison

Did you know?

HMP Liverpool is a category B/C prison in the Walton area of Liverpool, Merseyside. Opened as Walton Gaol holding males and females in 1855, the prison has capacity to hold 1,184 men.

The prison has eight wings (A, B, F, G, H, I, J, and K). A is the first night centre. B is a generic wing with four landings and the segregation unit on B1. F and G are generic wings with five landings each. H is a generic wing with a drug recovery unit located on H2. I is another generic wing with five landings. J is another generic wing with a reintegration unit on J1 for prisoners on the basic level of the incentives and earned privileges scheme and a drug rehabilitation landing on J2. K is the vulnerable prisoner unit.

Lady Constance Bulwer-Lytton was imprisoned in Walton gaol for 14 days ‘hard labour’ and force-fed 8 times after Suffragette activity involving rocks being thrown at an MP’s car.

Charles Bronson was imprisoned for seven years in 1974, aged twenty-two. He soon ended up on the punishment block after attacking two prisoners without provocation.

To view the latest HMIP inspection report, click here.

Visiting hours are very varied. For the latest information, click here.

  • A 2010 report suggested that bullying and violence was rife in the prison.

    Liverpool prison fact 3
  • During World War Two, bombs fell on HMP Liverpool, destroying part of the building. It killed 22 inmates in total.

    Liverpool prison fact 2
  • Famous former inmates include Charles Bronson, Joey Barton and the suffragette Lady Constance Bulwer-Lytton.

    Liverpool prison fact 1


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