HMP Long Lartin

Long Lartin Prison

Tel: 01386 295 100 – South Littleton, Evesham, Worcestershire WR11 8TZ

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HMP Long Lartin is situated in South Littleton, just outside Evesham in Worcestershire. It first opened in 1971 as a category C training prison, before being upgraded to a category A / B prison in 1995 – 1997, as a result of the Woodcock / Leamont reports. The prison was further expanded in 1999, which increased its capacity significantly. It is now capable of holding 622 prisoners. If you’d like to get directions to HMP Long Lartin, please refer to the map on this page.


Tel: 01386 295 100

Operational capacity: 622 as of 31st March 2010

South Littleton, Evesham, Worcestershire WR11 8TZ

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Here's some fact about Long Lartin prison

Did you know?

HMP Long Lartin is a category A prison in South Littleton, Worcestershire. Opened in 1971 as a category C prison, it has capacity for 622 adult men.

The prison consists of wings A-F, the Perrie wing, a segregation unit, a detainee unit, and an Integrated Drug Treatment System (IDTS). A-C wings are older style units, holding the vulnerable prisoners. D wing holds mainstream offenders in another older style unit. A-D wings do not have in-cell sanitation. Petrie wing is a modern unit with accommodation for up to 112 inmates. Perrie Blue has 42 single cells, and Perrie Red has 74 single cells. E and F wings hold up to 184 prisoners together. Segregation holds 40 inmates, Healthcare holds up to 10, the detainee unit holds up to 14, and the IDTS holds up to four.

Victor Castigador, given a life sentence for murdering two security guards by setting them alight, beat a child murderer, Sidinio Texiera, to death at 9:20 AM on the 20th June 2016.

To view the latest HMIP inspection report, click here.

Visiting hours are 14:00 – 16:15 Tuesdays and Thursdays, and 14:00 – 16:00 Saturdays and Sundays.

  • Paul Abbot died in custody on the 11th December 2016, arrested after battering his wife with a hammer 16 times, resulting in her death exactly one year before.

    long lartin latest facts 3
  • Two men who forced a vulnerable child prostitute back on the streets again and again made an estimated £15,000 from the evil trade. Martin Cantle now stays in HMP Long Lartin

    long lartin latest facts 2
  • A child rapist who once threatened to bomb Prime Minister Theresa May was jailed again for making more hoax bomb threats towards prison staff

    long lartin latest facts 1
  • About a third of HMP Long Lartin’s inmates are category A.

    Long Lartin prison fact 3
  • In 1990, 30 prisoners attempted to escape. As a result of this and other incidences, the prison was upgraded to a maximum security establishment.

    Long Lartin prison fact 2
  • A current notable inmate is Ian Watkins, ex-lead singer of the band Lostprophets. He pleaded guilty to 13 sexual offence charges.

    Long Lartin prison fact 1


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