HMP Maghaberry

Maghaberry Prison

Tel: 028 9261 1888 – Old Road, Ballinderry Upper, Lisburn, Northern Ireland BT28 2PT

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HMP Maghaberry is situated in Lisburn in Northern Ireland, and is a high security prison, designed to hold both inmates serving long-term sentences and those on remand. The prison has a capacity of 745. It first opened in 1986, on the site of a former Second World War airfield, which was used as a transit base for the US Air Force. If you’re planning on visiting HMP Maghaberry and need directions, please refer to the map on this page.

Tel: 028 9261 1888

Operational capacity: 745

Old Road, Ballinderry Upper, Lisburn, Northern Ireland BT28 2PT

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HMP Maghaberry is a high security prison near Lisburn, Northern Ireland. Opened in 1986, the prison has capacity to hold 970 male inmates.

Robert Black (convicted of murder, kidnap, preventing the lawful burial of a body, sexual assault and attempted kidnap) died in HMP Maghaberry in January 2016 of heart attack. He was found guilty of killing four people, and is thought to have killed more.

It was found on the 22nd August 2017 that Maghaberry was being used as a ‘mental health facility’, despite not being a “therapeutic environment”. A report found the prison is being used by courts as “a safe place” to house men while mental health assessments took place, despite not having the resources to do so.

To view the latest CJINI (Criminal Justice Inspectorates Northern Ireland) inspection report, click here.

For information about booking your visits, click here.

Here's some facts about Maghaberry prison

Did you know?

  • “For Sale” signs appeared around HMP Maghaberry after being put on the market by a man who claimed to own the land.

    maghaberry latest factcs 3
  • The public was not informed of an escape of a detainee who escaped in his handcuffs in August 2017.

    maghaberry latest facts 2
  • A prison officer accused of smuggling drugs into HMP Maghaberry claimed he acted under threat from an inmate.

    maghaberry latest facts 1
  • HMP Maghaberry used to also house female inmates.

    Maghaberry prison fact 3
  • HMP Maghaberry has no emergency exit, due to the fact that it’s involved in an ongoing dispute over land.

    Maghaberrry prison fact 2
  • In 2003, officials advised that the prison should offer a ‘degree of separation’ for loyalist and republican inmates, in order to make the environment safer.

    Maghaberrry prison fact 1


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