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All Porridge Telecom customers are welcome here!

Porridge Telecom

With Porridge telecom now no longer trading we wanted to let you know there is a home for you here at Prison Phone.

Our service works in a similar way to how porridge telecom used to work however instead of a pay as you go system that could get tedious topping up all of the time, we offer a monthly line rental service that offers great value for money and enables us to maintain a high quality network which enjoys a 99.8% uptime (based on all customer data in 2016)

Our service is cheaper too, with packages starting from just £5.99 per month and usage above your allowance at just 7ppm + VAT (8.4ppm inc VAT) we hope that not only will you experience a more reliable hassle free network but you will also save money too!

Sign up now and get a massive £12 off the connection fee


by using the email address registered with you old porridge telecom account the discount code!

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