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Ranby Prison

Tel: 01777 862 000 – Retford, Nottinghamshire DN22 8EU

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HMP Ranby is a category C male adult working prison with a capacity of 1,098. Originally a Second World War army camp, the building was converted into a prison in the early 1970s, and many of the original units are still used to this day. In recent years, the prison has been dogged by bad press, criticising conditions, lack of control and high levels of violence.

HMP Ranby was selected in 2016 to become one of six prisons that are piloting the prison reform scheme which the government described as ‘the biggest shake-up since Victorian times’

To view our post looking into what these changes will mean for inmates at HMP Ranby please visit

UK Prison Reform 2016 – Ranby Prison

If you’d like to visit HMP Ranby, please use the map on this page.


Tel: 01777 862 000

Operational capacity: 1098

Retford, Nottinghamshire DN22 8EU

Prison phone are committed to prison reform too, We believe that strong family ties are vital to a successful rehabilitation program and as such we have been reducing the cost of calls from the prison pay phones at HMP Ranby since back in 2013.

Inmates that maintain strong family times are 6 times less likely to re-offend upon release.

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Here's some facts about Ranby prison

Did you know?

HMP Ranby is a category C men’s prison in Ranby, Nottinghamshire. Opened in 1972, the prison has capacity to hold 1,038 male inmates.

The prison consists of house blocks 1-7. House block 1 is the induction wing with single and double cells. House block 2 North is a general wing and South is a drug treatment wing. House block 3 is a general wing. House block 4 consists of 30 double occupancy cells with integral sanitation and showers. House block 5 consists of single cells, and houses 192 prisoners who are lower risk, older, disabled and night shift working prisoners. House blocks 6 and 7 have single and double cells with integral sanitation, holding 60 prisoners each. House block 7 has facilities for older prisoners.

In 2014, a riot, in which 60 inmates participated in, broke out, and a fire was started at HMP Ranby. The riot started at 12:30, and continued up to 20:00. The fire was quickly put under control by fifteen fully-equipped firefighters.

To view the latest HMIP inspection report, click here.

Visiting hours are 14:00 – 16:00 Mondays, Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays, and 09:00 – 11:00 Saturdays and Sundays.

  • Inmates have been pictured in a cell ‘enjoying’ their time there.

    ranby latest facts 3
  • An inmate in the prison was charged with the fatal assault of another prisoner.

    ranby latest facts 2
  • Drug seizures in HMP Ranby had multiplied by 5.6 between 2012 and 2016, going from 13 to 73.

    ranby latest facts 1
  • A significant riot broke out at the ‘crisis’ prison in 2014, in a disturbance involving around 120 inmates.

    Ranby prison fact 3
  • In 2013, 4 prisoners committed suicide, which raised further enquiries about conditions within the establishment.

    Ranby prison fact 2
  •  A report found that nearly half of HMP Ranby’s inmates felt ‘unsafe’ in the prison.

    Ranby prison fact 1


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