As you know I have been following the case of Andrelle Leedham who has been now been convicted after a trial of plotting to supply cannabis, anabolic steroids and mobile phones into HMP Featherstone.

You can see the first blog entitled Prison Love here and then the update imaginatively entitled Prison love update here.

Andrelle was sentenced to four years for his part in the plot to smuggle in the package that contained skunk cannabis, 700 anabolic steroid tablets, seven mobile phones, eight bottles of alcohol and cigarettes.

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The Andrelle Leedham story in the news

Just to clear things up, Andrelle most certainly DID NOT leave the dock after sentencing with his thumbs up, in fact he put his trust in our criminal justice system and when it let him down he was in no mood to pose for cameras!

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Hannah was told by inmate Christopher Lewis – who is said to have links with Andrelle – to give the contraband to fellow prisoner Ricardo Edwards, the court was told. The pair were almost immediately detained by suspicious prison staff before the package could be opened because they were in a part of the jail where they should not have been.


This is a charge that Andrelle strongly denies and protests that he is in no way involved with this crime, his only crime was to break off his relationship with Hannah Stewart (the prison officer that attempted to smuggle the package into HMP Featherstone) after allegedly finding out that she was having sexual contact with other prisoners within HMP Featherstone. He now claims that she is using this to get back at him as she was deeply in love.HM Prison sign

It’s not the first time Hannah has abused her position of power to gratify her sexual needs whilst on duty, In fact this is where Andrelle and Hannah met and started their sexual relationship whilst Andrelle was in custody for another charge in 2013. The pair had a sexual relationship whilst Andrelle was in custody and after his release he tried to maintain a “normal” relationship however Hannah was not able to keep her sexual urges under control whilst at work Andrelle alleges.

I spoke with Andrelles mother Julia Falconer-leedham who was questioned by police (and released with no charge) who was said to have passed the package to Hannah. I believe (along with the police who brought no charges to Julia I might add) that this was just another lie told by Hannah to implicate Andrelle in the conspiracy.

andrelle and mum

Andrelle and his Julia Falconer-Leedham

Julia said “I had never been to a police station in my life for myself they tried to say I was involved but within 10min I showed them my fb messages to prove she was a liar then they changed me to be a witness”

Three different statements were made by Hannah all of which were lies Julia says.

Julia Falconer-Leedham when meeting (and taking a dislike) to Hannah for the first time was told by her “I preformed sexual acts on your son in prison” whist in Julia’s kitchen, Julia said “this is not what you expect to hear from your sons girlfriend especially not when she was paid by the state to act professionally when Andrelle was in prison”

Edwards, 31, who is serving an indeterminate sentence for robbery, and 29-year-old Lewis, who is in Featherstone for supplying heroin, each admitted conspiring to supply heroin in the jail and were both given two-year, three-month jail terms.

Stewart, from Oaks Drive, Featherstone, who has admitted misconduct in a public office and conspiracy to supply drugs and anabolic steroids, is currently on bail and will be dealt with at a later date. However it’s been rumoured that she will receive a suspended sentence for her part in this plot and for her misconduct in a public office.

Considering Andre Edman was recently jailed for 4 years for his affair with a prisoner at HMP Holloway and Sophia King-Chinnery was jailed for 10 months for an affair with a prisoner at the same prison I’m sure Hannah Stewart a prison officer that had an affair with at least one inmate (Andrelle Leedham) allegedly more and admitting that she played a key role in smuggling in contraband I really can’t see that the judge could justify anything less than a custodial sentence.

Take a look at the news for the other cases here:


I will of course keep you updated when she is sentenced and to any updates should Andrelle decide to appeal (which I for one think he certainly should) against what can only be described as a very harsh sentence indeed!

Julia has created a facebook group named “free Andrelle Leedham “to help raise awareness of her son’s case that at the time of writing this blog has almost 300 members!

Click here to go to the “Free Andrelle Leedham” Facebook page

One member recently posted:

“Why is it that since he is already classed as a criminal he is instantly blamed for another individual’s lapse of common sense and judgement… When we spend years trying to teach children to take responsibility for their own actions, she made an active choice…anyone can ask a question of you but there is such a thing as free will, she was just got a Lil free willy in the process…more times the system is a joke”

Another post on Andrelles Facebook page reads:

“So apparently he is now the “Casanova crook” this pisses me off how she has played the victim an made out he forced her to do something she didn’t wAnt too!! Yhhh I don’t think so!! If she doesn’t get sent down for what se has done while Andrelle is bak there for 4 years then there is something wrong with this world!! You wasn’t blackmailed and you certainly had all the control cus u worked there!! I where is your face all over the paper!!?? Rant over!!”

There is certainly a strong feeling of injustice here felt by many people that know Andrelle and his family.Criminal Justice Statue

Well that’s it from me for today, as always feel free to share on your preferred social media site and leave any comments you have below.

Andrelle is currently at HMP Nottingham and would love to hear from you, Send him a letter or use Email-a-Prisoner to send him an email at;

Andrelle leedham A0747CJ , Hmp Nottingham , perry road , sherwood , Nottingham , NG5 3AG

Stay safe

X Claire X


Hannah Stewart was sentenced today (17/11/2014) to a 12 month prison term handed down by Recorder Peter Cooke,

He told her: “It is quite clear there was a degree of physical intimacy between the two of you when he was still a prisoner but it is not necessary for me to decide what acts you were engaged in at that stage.”

“I am alive to your compelling personal mitigation and the difficulties ex-prison officers face in the custodial environment, but the public would think I had taken leave of my senses if you were spared a term of immediate imprisonment.”

Hannah Stewart’s sentence was significantly reduced because she gave vital evidence against the three men – including her ex-lover Andrelle Leedham – who were also involved in the plot.

Mr Gerard Quirke, prosecuting, told Derby Crown Court: “She provided key evidence.”

He doubted whether Leedham together with Featherstone inmates Christopher Lewis and Ricardo Edwards would have been convicted if she had remained silent.

Hannah Stewart confessed to investigators: “I was gullible. It was my own fault. I was lonely, he was nice to me and made me feel better about myself,”

Hannah Stewart’s family including her brother and father that were also a prison officer’s at HMP featherstone when the affair begun are standing by her.

Comments on Andrelle’s facbook page after the verdict read;

“Defo. She knew what she was doing. Just cuz you are besotted by someone and would do anything for them, you would actually do it. Bloody hell, wonder if she would of jumped off a cliff if he told her to. can’t believe Andrelle has took all the flack for this xx”

“She was trying to make she was blackmailed didn’t work tho! Trying to use something u knew he spent had spent time for in jail before bt it backfired.. It annoys me how there still ain’t even a picture of her all I’ve the papers!”

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