UK Prisons: 2016 in Review

Published on December 29, 2016

It’s been an interesting year for UK prisons. In the space of just 12 months…

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Selection boxes donated by Prison Phone for the Children of prisoners

Christmas in Prison: Inmate Families

Published on December 19, 2016

At Christmas time, a lot of media attention is given to inmates; in particular, the…

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Christmas Tree Made From Barbed Wire

Should Inmates be Given a Christmas Dinner?

Published on December 12, 2016

In the past, the UK media has expressed outrage about Christmas meals in prison. Newspaper…

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Study Shows Giving Drugs to Ex-Inmates Reduces Rate of Reoffending

Published on December 5, 2016

Rates of reoffending in the UK remain worryingly high. At present, around a quarter of…

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